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Advanced Vocabulary: Describing Appearance As well as “tall”, “short”, “slim” or “old”, there are many other ways for describing appearance in English. Check out these 20+ advanced ways to describe how you look – your general appearance, age, body size […]

Online Course for IELTS 2019 #21

Why English Conversation Practice is the best way to Improve Fluency There are several ways to help one improve one’s fluency in speaking English. Some students find certain ways easier than others. It is very important to practice English as […]

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8 Smart ways to master English without memorizing Grammar rules Do you like learning vocabulary and speaking? Do you learn by listening to others? Do you learn better by being taught to write first? The best way to build confidence […]

Online Course for IELTS 2019 #19

20 IELTS Speaking Topics you should prepare for If you are preparing for the IELTS Speaking test, you need to practice building complex sentences and expressing complex thoughts. Simple conversational exchanges like “where are you from?” “I am from Spain!” […]

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5 Most Common Adjective – Noun Collocations: Express, Chilly, Rich, Heavy, Strong A collocation is two or more words that tend to be used together by native speakers of a language. The best way to understand a collocation is to […]

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American ,Australian , British – Which accent I should Learn ? A question I am often asked is which accent should I learn – American or British or Australian? Students often say ‘I’ve learnt an American accent and now I […]