English Intonation- How To Improve It

English Intonation- How To Improve It English intonation, or intonation in any language, can be described as the music or melody of the language. It’s a pronunciation feature that is about how we say something rather than what words we’re […]

Common English Phrases

What are common English phrases? These are phrases that are used most everyday in the English language. Whether it is in native English speaking countries or any other country, all the phrases you below are the most commonly used English […]

English Proverbs and Their Meanings

Proverbs are phrases that convey the belief, culture, feeling and thought structures of societies. Many times, you use proverbs that are vague but have been used for generations to this day to express your feelings and thoughts that you do not […]

How to Learn English Through the News

Why Learn English through the News? If you want to enhance your English language speaking or writing skills, a reliable international news outlet or agency is an excellent resource for learning. This is because the newscaster you see on television […]