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IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic:

Describe an age/stage you enjoyed mostly in your life.

You should say:

  • what the age/stage was
  • what did you like to do back then
  • who you enjoyed mostly back then
  • and explain why you really like that age/stage.


When it comes to talking about the past, I am of the custom to talk about the year when I was 15 and in the last year of secondary school, as it is the time I enjoyed mostly in my life.

At that time, my friends and I had a really hectic schedule to prepare for entering high school. It was really a nerve-racking period of time when we was up to our eyes in assignments and revision. However, as all of my class mates enjoyed each other’s company so much and were so close to each other, we tried to share happy moments with each other as much as possible, in parallel with finishing all of our tasks at school. Because we didn’t have much spare time, we managed to capture our best moments in break time. Instead of going on a trip together, we shared with others every tiny things in our daily life, which helped connect our souls. Though that time was hard to us all, as we had been under a lot of pressure to be able to be admitted by high-ranked high school, the friend among us helped all of us relieve stresslift up our spirits and recharge our energy to make concerted efforts to get into our desired schools. At the time, friendship was really the most wonderful thing to me.

Now, when we’re all grown-up and have to live a hectic life to make end meets, we still try to cement our relationship. Sometimes, we have a whale of a time in our reunions when taking a trip down memory lanes about those good old days, when we were carefree and so close to each others. Those memories are the most beautiful things we have had together, which helps build up our long lasting friendship until now.


  • When it comes to (doing) something: Speaking about
  • Be of the custom to V: likely to V

Ex: I am of the custom to talk about the past

  • nerve-racking: making you very nervous or worried
  • up to one’s eyes in something: to have a very large amount of something to do or deal with
  • enjoyed each other’s company:  to like spending time with someone
  • in parallel with: do 2 things at the same time

Ex: We have to conduct the campaign in parallel with keeping goods available in all store.

  • concerted: Deliberate and determined

Ex: Even if she did make a concerted effort to achieve a level of eloquence or originality inher work, she doesnot imagine that many readers would notice or care

  • Make end meets: earn enough money to meed basic needs
  • Cement one’s relationship: to make a relationship  stronger
  • have a whale of a time: to have an exciting or fun time; to have a big time
  • take a trip down memory lane: To reminisce over memories of past events, especially happy ones

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