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Describe a character from a story/ film/ TV program. 

You should say:

  • Who this character is
  • When did you first see/ read about him/ her
  • What kind of person this character is


Considering the fact that I am a movie – nerd, I have adored so many characters so far. And today I want to share about one person that makes great impression on me in terms of appearance and characteristics – Juliet. She is a remarkable Shakespeare’s earlier play – Romeo and Juliet. In fact, she is a very well – developedcharacters with real emotions and personalities. The story of Romeo and Juliet happened in Verona, Italy and is a very sad love story due to the hatred between two important families: the Montague and the Capulet. At first, I was really astonished to see how strongly she loves Romeo, Juliet even goes against her whole family to protect her love. But then I notice that Juliet doesn’t start off as this strong young women, she changes in the story. When we first met Juliet, she was a 13 year – old girl, she was quiet and usually does what her parents want her to do. But by the end of the film, she moves from being this young girl to a mature, young women who dare to stand up for her own happiness. It’s my opinion that the strong and beautiful Juliet is the character who makes this love story so popular.


  • Movie – nerd (slang): a person who like watching movies very much
  • Adore (verb): to like or desire something very much
  • Make impression on SO (Expression): impress SO
  • In terms of (Expression): about
  • Remarkable (Adjective): striking, worthy of attention
  • Well – developed (Adjective): advance, good
  • Due to (expression): because of
  • Hatred (n): deep and extreme dislike
  • Astonish (verb): surprise
  • Go against (phrasal verb): oppose
  • Start off (phrasal verb): begin
  • Stand up for (phrasal verb): protect something
  • Mature (adjective): behaving in a sensible and thoughtful way